Cold Weather – Again

Do you remember years ago when the Bush/Gore election results were hanging in the balance by Florida’s inability to count the votes? I had a friend from Florida call me at that time and tell me that they would release the results of the election when all of the folks in the other states came and picked up their old parents from Florida. I now find myself in a similar position. If I promise my Yankee friends not to speak ill of them any more, will y’all please come pick up your dadblame weather and take it back home where it belongs!


I know that folks who live in cold weather climates must be amused at the total chaos in the south at the moment due to a few inches of snow and ice. I have friends in Atlanta who spent 8-9 hours in cars yesterday afternoon on what should have been a 30 minute commute. As of just an hour ago, there are still cars stranded all over the Atlanta area with passengers who never made it home.


Before you giggle too much at us for making mountains out of mole hills, you should try spending a couple of days in south Georgia during August. Our temperature is going to be over 100 degrees and our relative humidity is generally in the 70% range.There is never a dry thread on your body, and the gnats ,by the billions,stick to your sweaty body. I have concluded that one must be a native to this  area to survive the summers. Evidently, the same can be said for cold weather because we are struggling with it.


Riverview got lucky on the predicted ice storm. We had rented a three phase generator to keep the main lodge going in the event of the predicted two-three day power outage. We also bought every lantern and flashlight in south Georgia, and double stacked firewood at all of the cottages.Of course in another five years when we have another event like this, we will not have a clue where any of this equipment is.But, praise the Lord, we didn’t need any of it. We got a little sleet for about 15 minutes around 5:45 this morning, and then it was over.The hunters who managed to survive the cancelled flights are all out hunting, and it has warmed all the way up to a balmy 30 degrees at almost 11:00.