Cold Weather

Dang, one of our Yankee guests must have forgotten to close the back door when they headed south to hunt with us. BRR, it is colder than a well driller’s butt in the sunny south. Our wind chill temps came close to single digits, and we have more cold weather on the way.


I’m certain that many of you folks who live north of the Smith & Wesson line are thinking, what’s the big deal? You must remember that we southerners don’t put as much antifreeze in our systems as y’all do. Even our bird dogs are snuggling up with each other at night, but they do love the cold weather for hunting. Also, we’ve had plenty of rain and frost; so the scenting conditions are absolutely ideal for the bird dogs. The guides, on the other hand, are all dressed up like the abominable snowman.


We are now officially in the last half of the 2023-2024 hunting season, and it has been an excellent hunting season so far. Our average kill per hunt is down again for the third year in a row. That is no reflection on the skill of our hunters. Rather, it has much more to do with our goal of making the hunt more challenging. I just hope it doesn’t get too challenging. So far, our guests are enjoying the thrill of the hunt even more than prior years.


I’ve been strongly advised by both my older sister and my girlfriend to avoid the subject of politics in my blogs, but, DAMN, that is so difficult for me! I strongly believe that we are on the wrong path as a nation and am not excited about EITHER party’s choice as a candidate. If the nation would just appoint me as dictator for two years, I could turn the ship of state around while also dumping a bunch of rats in the ocean while turning the ship.


OK, that’s as close as I’m allowed to get on the subject of politics. On a lighter note, please allow me to close with some observations of my own plus a few that I have read on the Internet:


  1. I’m sorry, but I just don’t grasp the idea of decaffeinated coffee. To me, that would be like going to see a hooker who only wanted to cuddle.
  2. I’m not having much luck losing weight; so I’ve decided to concentrate on getting taller.
  3. The biggest joke on mankind is that computers have begun asking humans to prove they aren’t robots. I usually flunk the first three sets of photos where I’m supposed to pick all photos that have cars, traffic lights, bridges, etc. Hell, I’m not a robot, but I am a somewhat blind human being.
  4. Just one time, I would like a user name and password prompt to respond, “Hi buddy, that’s CLOSE ENOUGH!
  5. And finally, after observing how some folks wore there masks during the pandemic, I now understand why contraception often fails.


Cader IV tells me that we still have a few early and mid-March dates available if you have yet to book a hunt, or need a second one. May God bless you, and I hope you have a healthy and prosperous New Year!