Just a few random thoughts

I have about put the finishing touches on my Summer Scene newsletter. I will hold it for a while to see if I want to make any revisions, but I am fairly satisfied with it now. Because of that, I feel free to write a short blog that will not include any of my Summer Scene thoughts. Most of my … Read More

A few thoughts and funny things that I have read recently

Since I need to start saving my best thoughts and comments (which are few) for our Summer Scene Newsletter, I just wanted to write a brief blog with a few quotes, and a few really funny comments that I have read lately. I regret to admit that not a single thing that I say in this blog will originate from … Read More

Cleanup Progress

We have made amazing progress in our cleanup efforts of our hunting courses since hunting season ended. We now have 11 hunting courses that look pristine. I would like to give a big shout out of thanks to Yancey Brothers Caterpillar for helping us secure some much needed logging equipment like skidders. We already own enough heavy equipment to have … Read More

The Return of General Sherman

Back in the dark ages when I attended the UGA, the college had a living institution known as the Dean of Men, Dean Tate. By the time I arrived on campus, Dean Tate had already been there for many years, and was a living legend. Every man I knew lived in mortal fear of being summoned to his office. You … Read More

Season’s End…And, a few funnies!

Well, the 2018-2019 hunting season will officially ended. I have to admit that I had my doubts about even being able to have a hunting season. However, Cader IV, Jerry, Greg, and our team pulled off an absolute miracle in being able to open up enough hunting courses to safely hunt. We had to cancel the first two weeks of … Read More

Institutional Insanity

Today, I want to vent about a few of my least favorite institutions. Perhaps I should begin this blog by saying I have some very close friends who are doctors. I have even invested with one or two of them. I sometimes find it difficult to explain to them that the purpose of an investment is to make money rather … Read More

Alibis and A Couple of Funnies

During my career here, it always amazed me to hear the guests’ comments about the hunt, and then walk into the guide room to hear the guide comments. One would almost swear that the guides were not hunting with the guests who were here. I once kept a book of alibis as to why a quail was missed. However, that … Read More

Valentine’s Day & Things I have learned or observed

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day, especially a happy one to my very special valentine of 48 years, Martha Cox. Martha taught me early on that marriage is a relationship in which one is always right, and the other one is the husband. That’s quite OK since I learned to never hike in … Read More

Precious Memories

Some of my most treasured memories in life are those times spent hunting and fishing with my Dad, and later on with my son. I was blessed to have several years that all three of us hunted together. One day when we were walking out of a dove field at the end of a hunt, Cader IV eased up beside … Read More

Interesting Observations

Martha and I both enjoy sitting in airports, and just watching people. It amazes us how many young married couples seem to just wander through concourses without even paying attention to where their children are. We usually decide to watch the children in case of foul play. Often after the parents are a hundred yards or so ahead of their … Read More