Blessed Rain

Have you ever seen a bird dog grin? I would swear that I saw a bunch of our dogs ” grinning like a bunch of mules eating briars” after we got an inch and a half of rain sometime after midnight last night. For the past couple of weeks, it has been so dry here that the dogs could not even smell their own rear ends in the afternoon hunts when there was no dew on the ground.


Even more blessed news is the fact that the weather gurus are calling for this much or more rain later this afternoon, beginning about the time the afternoon hunts end. That makes our four groups in here almost as happy as the dogs. Now, while big pine trees absolutely can’t smile, they sure are all standing taller and majestically today with no drooping needles weeping toward the ground. I know that our dogs will be able to locate the quail today. It would be especially gratifying if our guests could shoot a few of them. One of our top guides came in Friday, and I heard him tell Jerry, ” We got four quail this morning, but they were all big, trophy birds”.


Things are really looking up at Riverview, and we all have a better hitch in our “gitty-up” after this weather. On top of that, our temps are supposed to drop into the mid 20’s by Saturday. The rain plus the cold weather should finally send the pine beetles to hell, or wherever they go when they are not killing beautiful 50+ year old pines. We are staying ahead of them here by cutting any bug infected tree down as soon as it is spotted in order to stop the spread to healthy trees.


In closing, I have just a couple of random observations. It is really disturbing to run into some old person, only to realize that he or she was in your class in high school. I always think,” surely I don’t look that old?”


I have always been paranoid about plagiarizing anyone; so let me say that this quote was shared with me by my best friend friend who heard it from his preacher. It spoke to my heart, and I wanted to share it with y”all. ” I know I am not what I Used to be, or what I am Supposed to be,or what I am Trying to be, or what I am Going to be—-when I see You face to face.”