Baby Quail Chicks

We are the proud guardians of the most baby quail chicks that I have seen on Riverview in many years.. Evidently, our full court press with our mamallian trapping program this spring is really paying dividends.Of course,almost perfect timing on our rainfall and great nesting cover has been a plus also. Every time Cader IV and I leave the office to go to the sweet corn fields, I buckle my seatbelt because he slams on breaks so hard when he sees the baby quail crossing the road that my rather prominent proboscis almost goes into the windshield..


Those of you who visit here from mid-October until Thanksgiving may well be shooting AT as many native quail as early release quail this season. For some reason, native quail are not able to read our boundary signs indicating that Riverview is a commercial hunting plantation. They are no better at sign reading than our deer are at reading the “no wildlife allowed” signs posted around our sweet corn fields courtesy of our idiotic federal government.