An Early Fall in the South

I now know at least two segments of the economy that are pleased with the cold weather; the energy sector and the southern hunting plantations. Those old energy boys who are visiting us at the moment are grinning like a bunch of mules eating briars, and we are happier than dead pigs in the sunshine also. Now I do not wish misery on anyone, but then again, I have to question the sanity of anyone living in the far northern climates of this great nation who are already experiencing blizzard like conditions. We have already had two light frosts here which really improves the scenting conditions for the bird dogs, and the weather man is calling for very cold weather for this time of the year over the next ten days.


Our fall hunting has been outstanding, and only promises to continue getting better with this type of weather. Our fall reservation calendar is the strongest that we have seen since the great recession of 2008-2010. We do have some open dates available between now and our March closing, but there are not many of them. if God continues to bless us with a safe season, I can already say that it will be a successful one!


Our English Cocker flushing/retreiving dogs continue to be very popular with our guests. We entered them in a little field trial event a few weeks ago, and the Riverview Cockers very nearly swept the field in every age bracket. That just confirms what we already knew, and that is the fact that Chuck and Jerry are doing an outstanding job with both the bloodline and training of these puppy dogs. I wish that my Georgia Bulldogs could perform on the field as well as our hunting dogs are doing.


Now that the elections are over, I can actually answer my telephone again, and watch a little television in peace. I still think that term limits may be the only answer for this great nation, but for some reason no one seems to listen to me in Washington when I make the suggestion.I would love to think that we might see a change after the midterms, but my real concern is , ” can my clowns perform any better than their clowns”?


Oh well, life goes on, and right now it’s going good at Riverview. I hope everyone reading this has a great fall and a happy Thanksgiving!