I have always been a big believer in a cash flow budget. While income statements and balance sheets are important, a small company like Riverview lives and dies on its cash flow. Because of that fact, I have always prepared at least a twelve month cash flow statement. Back in my younger years, I always added about $5,000 to my cash flow budget for car repairs on Pop’s vehicle on an annual basis. It would make him furious, but I had the history and facts to back it up as a line item. Have you ever heard the old expression,” what goes around ,comes around”? I have become my father, and am now catching hell from Cader IV, Greg, and Jerry.


But, here’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. About three months ago, as I was driving to work from the house on a frosty morning with windshield impaired visibility, a pine tree in my yard suddenly lurched into the side of my Expedition. Then yesterday as I was backing up to turn around, another pine tree suddenly crashed into the rear of this same poor Expedition. Cader asked me, ” Dad, doesn’t your car have one of those sonar systems that starts beeping if you are about to back into an object”?  I told him that it most certainly does. However, mine must be defective because it never goes beep,beep,beep. Instead, mine goes beep, BAM, at which point it is way too late to stop.Now the smart butts are threatening to bring the dozer down to my house and push down all of the pine trees within a 300 yard radius.


There was a time in my life when  badly wanted to have a BMW. Now I am willing to drop the “W”, and maybe settle for a Sherman Tank.While we do not have HOV lanes down here in the country on these dirt roads, I doubt that I would be able to use them were we to have them. I am noticing a reluctance for anyone to ride around in the woods with me. Rather, they are all volunteering for me to ride with them.


We will start picking sweet corn on Monday; so y’all start visiting the grocery store next week and buy lots of fresh sweet corn! I will have more to report on the hunting operations later, but everyone on our mailing list should be receiving our summer newsletter by the first of next week at the latest.