A Short Hurricane Blog!

As many of you have probably noticed, we seem to have a Gulf hurricane taking a dead bulls eye towards us. I thought that I should send this quick blog out today as our company phone lines are all out. Losing our phones has nothing to do with the storm. However, past history has proven that AT&T will try to blame this situation on our PBX provider, Atlantic Telcom, and vice versa. It sometimes takes a couple of days to get the issue resolved; so I thought that I would let all of you know our situation.


Of probably most importance to you, this hurricane should not impact the Flint River or our hunting season at all. The river is very low, and we are extremely dry. Plus, this is a fast moving storm with maximum rainfall predicted at 8 inches. We will probably lose power for several days, but we have generators to save all of our food that we have already stocked in preparation for opening next week. We will most likely have some downed trees and roadwork to do, but we can handle that in a couple of days.


Our most severe economic loss will most likely be to our pecan and soybean crops. We would appreciate your prayers, but wanted to let you know that we do not anticipate this storm delaying or affecting our hunting season.