A Confused US Citizen

Because I understand that a good many folks believe Fox News to be biased, I did a good bit of Google research before writing this brief tirade which has not one thing to do with Riverview or quail hunting. It seems that only 21% of the American people are in favor of this treaty with Iran, yet it looks like a slam dunk to pass.


In doing a little constitutional research , I found this: The president ” shall have Power,by and with the advice and consent of the Senate to make treaties, provided two-thirds of the senators present concur”.(article II,section 2). So, how did we get from that to a point that it takes two-thirds of the senate to over ride a veto by the president which actually means only one-third of the senate needs to approve the deal.


Two thoughts come to my mind: First, maybe the language has been carefully crafted to where this agreement is not actually a treaty. Maybe it’s just a gentleman’s agreement between two friends, one of whom chants” Death to America”. That would be going down the old Bill Clinton road of what the definition of “is” is. My next thought is why do we even have a house and a senate. Why do we waste time and money electing these folks when basically the will of the American people is being trampled upon.


These bozos in the house and senate could not even agree to a rule as to how to oppose this agreement. We now have Republicans McConnell and Boehner as heads of their respective houses. However, for all of the difference that has made, we might as well still have Reid and Pelosi. Our country is basically being governed by the executive branch and a very small cadre of advisers. Somehow, I do not think that this is what our founding fathers intended.


When almost 80% of the citizens of this country oppose a deal and yet our elected officials are either unable or unwilling to listen, we no longer live in a democracy. This is a scary proposition to me.I believe in our great nation, and I believe that we will not tolerate this type of government forever because we are not a nation of sheep, Come on America. Let’s wake up and be heard for the sake of our children and grandchildren!


The last time I wrote something like this to my US Representative, I never received the courtesy of a reply. I was, however, selected for a ” random thorough review” of my tax return. Maybe the IRS had finally finished looking at Al Sharpton and had time to concentrate on the real problems like me. It took them five months, but they found absolutely nothing, and had to send me my refund plus interest.


God bless America !!