4th of July

I hope that everyone enjoyed a happy 4th of July, or as I prefer to call it Independence Day. I wonder how many of us paused to think about the sacrifices made or the wisdom of the great men who forged these documents plus the Bill of Rights. At the time King George III ruled the largest empire ever known. He also believed that he spoke for God.


A 33-year-old Thomas Jefferson wrote 27 reasons why the king was wrong and cited man’s individual relationships with God. The mention of God is used throughout these documents. Interestingly, King George was a huge slaveholder, and Jefferson had originally listed slavery as one of the 27 reasons. However, after objections from a few of the colonies, he removed that clause. After penning these reasons, he went on to list more of the many reasons why this bunch of rural colonists declared their independence from the greatest empire on earth. Among them were taxation without representation, and a bloated government that had no desire to listen to their citizens. Hmnn, that sounds eerily similar today. If King Biden had his way, we would have no weapons, and anyone who dared question him would be sent off to penal colonies.


But back to the signers of the Constitution. Ben Franklin was the oldest at 74. He told the men gathered there that they must hang together or they would most definitely hang separately. Well, they hung together, but almost all paid a terrible price for it. Some of them were wealthy and lost everything. Many of them lost families and even their own lives. When captured, they were tortured.


One of these men said,  “I would like to think that this day would be solemnly observed and appreciated by those who come after us. If not, we died and suffered in vain.” SO, DID YOU PAUSE TO REMEMBER THESE GREAT ANCESTORS TODAY? I surely hope so while you were enjoying your freedom and BBQ.


If King Biden ever has his way, y’all head on to the South or the West. Those of us who live here have a history of resisting tyranny and have gunpowder flowing through our veins as we cling to our religion and our guns as Obama once said!


Normally, I close with a few witticisms. This time I will close with a simple statement-MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA LAND THAT I LOVE! And May God bless you and your families!