Summer Scene 2024- Celebrating Our 50th Edition

As I began writing Summer Scene 2024, it suddenly occurred to me that this will be my 50th edition of our summer newsletter. I wrote the first one in 1974 following a devastating fire that destroyed our original main lodge, office and 80% of our old single room lodging accommodations. I had intended to write only that first newsletter to … Read More


Rumors of my demise are not true even though I’m nearer my expiration date than I once was. The truth of the matter is that I’ve been traveling a lot this spring and summer with my new lady friend, Carol. Due to that fact, y’all probably know as much about what’s happening at Riverview as I do.   However, since … Read More

The 2023-2024 Hunting Season Is In The Books!

Our 2023-2024 hunting season officially ended with a bang on March 23rd. Once again, the finest guests in the world came through our doors to enjoy world class hunting, woods, dogs, guides, food, and service! I often wonder what people think of as they prepare to enter eternity. I somehow doubt that any of them would say that they wish … Read More


This is not my normal blog, but it’s a subject that is very much on my heart. I buried a friend yesterday. Thomas (Tommy) Gaines funeral service was yesterday in a beautiful church that he was instrumental in getting built. I grew up with the Gaines and Williams families. For many years, those two families formed the nucleus of Riverview’s … Read More

Cold Weather

Dang, one of our Yankee guests must have forgotten to close the back door when they headed south to hunt with us. BRR, it is colder than a well driller’s butt in the sunny south. Our wind chill temps came close to single digits, and we have more cold weather on the way.   I’m certain that many of you … Read More