Not My Normal Blog

Activities at Riverview have taken on their normal pace since the end of the season. All of the cottages have been cleaned and put in sleep mode for the summer. We even know how many towels we are missing. I would hate to think what the number might have been had we put our logo on them. Years ago, I … Read More

It is Finished!

As we approach Easter Sunday, I am reminded of what Jesus said on the cross when he uttered, “It is finished”. We ended the 2022-2023 season with a bang rather than a whimper. I must admit that I am getting most of my information about this past hunting season from Cader IV since I was noticeably absent for most of … Read More

The End of Season is in Sight!

Someone once asked me if I looked forward to hunting season beginning and ending. I replied that the day that I failed to be excited about the opening of our hunting season was the day that I would retire. Likewise, the day I failed to look forward to it not ending was the day that I should be committed to … Read More

This & That 2023

As the old hippy song from the 60’s goes, “I just dropped in to see what condition, my condition was in.” I just had lunch at the Lodge with Cader IV, Jerry, and Andy. They told me that the hunting had been excellent during this last half of the season. However, we do still have a few openings left before … Read More


Well, I never thought I would say it, but this retirement gig isn’t so bad. I get free meals now and then, and every so often I get to visit with some of y’all. However, I do keep up with what is going on at Riverview.   We are now over the halfway mark of the hunting season. The first … Read More


Well, Cader IV has cut my salary due to my being remiss in writing my blog. So, I decided to begin trying to earn my salary back. When I was running Riverview, I always got tickled when these little northern admins would call to ask me what the weather would be like during their boss’s stay. Predicting the weather in … Read More