Looking For Me?

Contrary to the popular thoughts going around, rumors of my demise are highly exaggerated. I have been traveling a good bit, but I have been keeping up with Cader IV about the hunting season, and he says that the season is going very smoothly. From what I can see, we haven’t skipped a beat, and my absence has hardly been … Read More

Dog Days of Summer of 2022

We are now officially in the Dog Days of Summer here in South Georgia. When I was a kid, I always thought that this meant that the weather was so hot that the dogs stayed under the porch in the shade. As I got older and more educated, I realized that this actually referred to the Dog Star and its … Read More

Our Hunting Season Has Ended

We closed out the hunting season officially on Saturday. By my primary definition of a successful hunting season, it was a screaming success because it was a SAFE season. We bounced back strongly from our pandemic year. Reservations were up 63% over last year, and we are so very grateful to our guests who rewarded us with their loyalty! I … Read More

Beware The Ides of March

I’m not worried about the Ides of March because I am just so glad that the year of February is over. Last year, our season ended today because there was no more demand for reservations in the pandemic era. This year, we have two more weeks that are absolutely in March. We could have booked another week in March, but … Read More


I have always referred to February as a month of Mondays. Cader IV doesn’t feel that way. He actually enjoys Februarys. Perhaps that is because we are not quite as full in the fall of the year as we once were when I was in charge. And, I really don’t understand that. I love the fall for quail hunting. The … Read More

Rebel Takes Over My Blog!

I have been a voracious reader all of my life. One of my favorite writers was Corey Ford who wrote an article in one of the monthly outdoor magazines called “The Lower 40” many years ago. Every now and then, he would let his dog write his article, and today I am following suit.   Good morning, this is Rebel, … Read More

It is well with my soul!

How sweet it is! My beloved Georgia Bulldogs finally won a national championship in football after an almost 41-year hiatus. Geez, folks, that’s longer than Moses wandered in the wilderness with the Israelites. It still feels like I’m walking on air. Head Coach, Kirby Smart grew up in Bainbridge, Georgia which is only 17 miles from my house. He is … Read More