Christmas Is Over!

Christmas usually marks almost halfway point in the season, and the first half has been PHENOMENAL! It appears that the last half will be the same. I remember Christmas as a child. Santa would come on Christmas Eve, and Mom and Dad would go back to work on Christmas Day if we had as many as two guests.   I … Read More

The Weather

I really don’t think that people should knock the weather. Without it, folks would have no way of starting a conversation down here unless it was about pickup trucks. They say that the two things that man can want the most, and get caught up the quickest on is sex and rain. I have been caught up on both a … Read More

I Remember

I remember the day that Cader IV called me after graduation from college with a couple of good job offers. When he called to say, “Dad, I need to talk to you”, all I could think was that he was in some kind of trouble. When he told me that he was thinking about coming home to work in the … Read More

How Sweet It Is!

Wow! What a phenomenal week we have enjoyed. My beloved DAWGS waxed the hated Gators butts, and The Braves are up 3-2 in the World Series. But WAY, more importantly, we are beginning our 5th week of hunting season, and we are so far ahead of last year’s pandemic season that we can’t even see it in our rearview mirror. … Read More

The 2021-2022 Season Has Begun!

We opened this week with a bunch of good hunters, great hunting, and excellent weather. I came down the first morning and kept asking the kitchen when those mouthwatering biscuits were going to be ready. After eating one, I could only grade it as a “B”. Cader IV then chastised me by saying that the only reason for that grade … Read More

The stars and planets have all aligned

I’m not certain that this has ever happened in my life which is a LONG time. Fall officially arrives this afternoon. Arriving right along with it is a cold front that will plunge our temperatures in the morning into the low 50’s also accompanied by low humidity. Now, this might not sound like such of a big deal to you … Read More

My heart aches

There is an old song titled, “Walk a mile in my shoes”. Well, I have walked that mile, and my heart really aches for the victims of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana, Mississippi, and now the Northeast. It’s hard to yell, “drain the swamp” when you are up to your ass in alligators, literally and figuratively.   At Riverview Plantation, we … Read More

Yay September!!!

Although I know that it means that another month of my life is behind me, I am dang glad to see the month of August of 2021 in my rear view mirror. We felt like we were living in the Amazon jungle with daily thunderstorms and sweltering heat and humidity. I will be curious to see what our rainfall total … Read More

Just Like That!

And, just like that Woodstock was 50 years ago. Boy, does Tempus ever Fugit. I wasn’t even remotely a hippie during that period. I avoided long hair and drugs, but I did kind of like the free love movement back then.   However, there were much more important dates to remember during that period.  Recent events have really caused me … Read More

Dog Days of Summer – 2021

We are about to enter what my Mom always called the “ Dog Days of Summer”. About the only thing that I remember for certain about this period was her telling me that if I cut myself during this period, that the sore would not heal until September. Actually, I believe that it has something to do with the location … Read More