Christmas Is Over

Well, our Christmas break has ended, and we are back in the saddle and hunting quail. I love Christmas with all of the pretty lights. However, I have to agree with a long deceased guest from Oklahoma who once told me, “Son, the prettiest lights that I ever see at Christmas are the taillights of my children and grandchildren driving … Read More

Rainy Days

Even though I do not have the stamina to work the hours I once worked while running Riverview, I sometimes miss not being THE MAN anymore as that mantle passed to Cader IV at least three years ago. However, rainy days are NOT one of those times that I miss being in charge.   It’s always been fascinating to watch … Read More

Socialism/ Communism/ Capitalism

OK, let me preface this blog by stating that this will not be one of my typical humorous blogs, but I will get back to that before Christmas (Yes, Christmas rather than the Holiday Season). A conservative African American writer, Walter Williams, recently wrote an editorial that really resonated with me. I so hated to see Thomas Sowell retire, but … Read More

At Last!

I’m certain that you have all heard the old expression, “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” After Hurricane Michael, Cader IV politely told me that Riverview makes no money on mine and Martha’s home, and that it would have to come last. Having grown up with me in this business, Martha completely understood, but it was difficult living in … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

One of my favorite church songs has a refrain that says, “Count your blessings. Name them one by one. Then you will be surprised what God has done.” It may sound a bit odd after the challenges we have faced since Hurricane Michael, but I feel truly blessed. Riverview is running smoothly, and our guests have all been very complimentary … Read More

It Is Well With My Soul!

We are midway through our second week of post hurricane hunting season, and operations are exceeding my expectations. All of our guests have been very pleased with the progress we have made, and are enjoying the hunting. One positive aspect is that about 80% of our guests are repeat customers. They know our hunting courses almost as good as we … Read More

Hurricane Michael

Well, we lost our old main lodge and several buildings to a fire in 1974. We then had two major floods in 1994 and 1998. Now we have survived a CAT 3 hurricane which is unheard of in our part of the world. I guess my next Plague will be locusts, but I sure hope the Lord calls me home … Read More

A Short Hurricane Blog!

As many of you have probably noticed, we seem to have a Gulf hurricane taking a dead bulls eye towards us. I thought that I should send this quick blog out today as our company phone lines are all out. Losing our phones has nothing to do with the storm. However, past history has proven that AT&T will try to … Read More

Fall is in the Air!

Well, praise the Lord and pass the black-eyed peas, we are finally seeing some mornings in the 60’s , and fall is definitely in the air. We are already enjoying some great college football games, and great quail hunting is just around the corner. We have finished manicuring the lodge grounds, and will begin planting and watering our winter grass … Read More

Life in the South

OK, I will be the first to admit that we talk slower in the South. Some folks think that because we talk slower that we think slower also. Sometimes people learn that is not necessarily so to their detriment. However, I will say that things are slower down here, even the seasons. According to my calendar, it has officially turned … Read More