Christmas Break

When I was a child and Mom and Dad were trying to build the business, we hunted every day except Christmas Day. Santa Claus would come on Christmas Eve, and we would have a one day break before going back at it. As the years progressed and our occupancy increased, I realized that it was very important to give the … Read More

What If

I have been following with great interest the antics of the losing side in this last election. What really got my attention was reading that California was thinking of seceding from the Union. Now the folks on the Left Coast are usually the first ones to come up with new ideas; so I don’t know how to break it gently … Read More

Blessed Rain

Have you ever seen a bird dog grin? I would swear that I saw a bunch of our dogs ” grinning like a bunch of mules eating briars” after we got an inch and a half of rain sometime after midnight last night. For the past couple of weeks, it has been so dry here that the dogs could not … Read More


Well, as I was watching the news yesterday, I saw where there had been another senseless attack on innocent students at Ohio State. I realize that to say that this is an instance of Islamic terrorism would be premature and politically incorrect even though the perp. was a Muslim from Somalia. But what I can state is that we should … Read More

This & That

Is it just me, or does everyone else wish that our nation would just pick a time, and stay on it? While I know that this is not a hot political issue, the time changes in the fall and spring drive me crazy. Even though it is Thanksgiving morning, I was once again wide awake and drinking coffee at 4:30 … Read More

A Beautiful Day

I woke up this morning to an absolutely beautiful day in South Georgia. I walked out of the house right at daylight to say,” Good morning, Lord”. I also spoke to my little white deer who has taken to bedding up in the grass in our yard even though we have the yard lighted. It is a crisp 38 degree … Read More

Election & Quail Hunting

OK folks, the election season is over, but the quail hunting season is just getting started good; so it is time to turn our attention away from politics and toward what’s really important–quail hunting. Of course, I hope everyone realizes that I am writing this as a “tongue-in-cheek” comment.   However, before leaving the subject of politics, let me just … Read More

Just a Few Rambling Thoughts

After the flood of 1994 which was termed a “500 year event”, we had another flood in 1998 that reached almost the same epic heights. It was after the 1998 flood that I decided since I must be almost 1000 years old, I should make a vow not to ever ask God to send rain again. Both of these floods … Read More

Hospitals & Hunting

Given the title of this blog, I would much prefer to talk about hunting as our first week has been excellent with great dog work although the first part of the week was warmer than normal for this time of the year. Yesterday and today have been crisp and cool–perfect bird hunting weather.   But first, with apologies to my … Read More

The 2016-2017 Hunting Season Has Officially Opened

As the title above indicates, Riverview Plantation officially kicked off the 2016-2017 hunting season with the arrival of guests on Sunday, October 16th. However, it did not quite begin the way I had planned it. My plans were to go to church, and enjoy my first opening day as a semi-retired person sitting on my porch watching the vans arrive … Read More