Well, we are just about to come to the mid-point of our hunting season, and will close down for a week this Saturday night. We always have a big guide dinner at our shop, and discuss the first half of the season, and take a week’s rest to get recharged for the last half of season.   When Mom and … Read More

Of Dogs and Men

I read this quote the other day by James Thurber which really tugged at my heart strings. Mr. Thurber said,,”In his grief over the loss of a dog, a little boy stands for the first time on tiptoe, peering into the rueful morrow of manhood”. I remember every precious dog that I have ever loved and buried. Many of you … Read More


We are a seasonal business, and three of our major holidays come during our hunting season. Years ago we recognized that we could not afford to close down for all three of them. We are open for business on Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve and Day, but we shut down for a solid week for Christmas. Christmas is about the … Read More

Random Thoughts

President Dwight Eisenhower once said,” The best morale exists when you never hear the word mentioned. When you hear a lot of talk about it, it’s usually lousy”. Evidently my drill sergeant never read this quote because I can still remember him standing about an inch from my face and screaming, ” Trainee, you WILL HAVE good morale”. That was … Read More

Hunting Weather

As Noah might say, ” It came up a cloud this weekend”, and before that cloud passed we had received more than four inches of rain at Riverview. The nice thing about this deluge was it started Saturday night , and ended just after day break on Monday morning. Since we do not hunt on Sundays, this was the perfect … Read More

Hunting Season

Well, since my beloved Georgia Bulldogs lost to the hated Florida Gators on Saturday and we have not scored a touchdown in 8 quarters, I think that I can safely turn my attention to the real dogs–the hunting kind !   We are beginning our third week of hunting season, and the quality of the quail hunting has been excellent. … Read More


We will officially open our 58th hunting season this Sunday, and I have been blessed to be here for 44 of those 58 openings. When I finished my military obligations, the month was December, and I was accepted to Law School for the following September. Martha and I were already married, and the only person who would hire me knowing … Read More

2015-16 Hunting Season

Well, today will mark the end of the first week of running our dogs daily for a half-day, and actually shooting some quail over them. According to all reports that I am receiving, both the dogs and the guides attempting to kill a few quail have improved a lot from Monday through today. Our winter grass has all been planted, … Read More

This & That

Fall is definitely rolling into South Georgia this weekend following some beneficial rainfall for the past couple of days. My peanut farmer neighbors who are trying to pick their peanuts probably are not as happy with the rain as we are, but these rains have fallen on Riverview at a very opportune ┬átime. We just planted our winter rye down … Read More

Fall Season

Well, the fall season is just about officially ready to begin, and south Georgia is beginning to feel the affects of it also. Martha and I spent last week in Highlands, N.C. where, thanks to elevation, it felt more like winter than fall if you are a native South Georgian. When we arrived last Monday morning, the external thermometer on … Read More