We are experiencing the coldest and definitely the wettest April in my memory. Our Albany weatherman said that it is already the fourth wettest April on record, and we have another strong weather system moving in here the middle of next week. I am telling you that it is wet enough on Riverview right now to bog a buzzard’s shadow. … Read More

Dogs and Turkeys

I spent a little time with Chuck this week observing his training program on these little English Cockers that we are integrating into our program as flushing and retrieving dogs. We are very excited about this program, and the few dogs we had ready to go last season were very well received. As a matter of fact, we had several … Read More

Spring Burning Season

This is definitely my favorite time of the year. To me, the control woods burning feels like the beginning of a new year. We rid ourselves of the residue of the prior year, and prepare to watch the new growth burst forth from beneath the majestic oaks and stately Longleaf pines. We have had two excellent days of burning with … Read More


Our 2013-2014 hunting season officially ended on March 22nd, and it was a terrific season! We had a big catfish cookout for all of the guides, and then gave them a couple of days off. I have taken my phone off the hook at the house because I do not want to post bail for any of this crowd who … Read More


As Noah might have said,”It came up a cloud here on Sunday”.It started raining Sunday around noon, and before it was over, we had received over four inches of rain. I have always heard that the two things a man can want the most and catch up on the quickest are sex and rain. I can assure you that we … Read More

March Happenings

I heard a man say one day,” If I promised a man a pretty weekend and he would not accept this one, I would be inclined to whip his butt”. Well, it has been an absolutely beautiful mid-March weekend at Riverview. We had a light frost both mornings with crisp,cool hunting conditions. We have a bunch of folks in here … Read More

Bird Dogs

A friend of mine, Herb Haughton sent me this quote by Ben Ames Williams a few weeks ago. It touched my heart so much that I wanted to share it.” A bird dog does not live as long as a man and this natural law is the font of many tears. If a boy and and a puppy might grow … Read More

Cold Weather – Again

Do you remember years ago when the Bush/Gore election results were hanging in the balance by Florida’s inability to count the votes? I had a friend from Florida call me at that time and tell me that they would release the results of the election when all of the folks in the other states came and picked up their old … Read More


I know that those of you who read my occasional posts have noticed that I poke gentle fun from time to time at our northern guests. But, I really do love Yankees. We would probably still be picking cotton and starving to death were it not for those wonderful northern guests of ours. As a matter of fact, Yankees are … Read More

Cold Weather Quail Hunting in South Georgia

I have no clue what a polar vortex is, but I would just as soon not see this bad boy again. It needs to head on back up to the polar region where the inhabitants are bred to survive such weather. I realize that most of you are going to have very little sympathy for me when I begin whining … Read More