A Riverview Christmas Story

At my age, you never wish for another week to go by, but this is one that I will not mind seeing in my rear view mirror. Now that I have finally gotten my brain cells down to a manageable level, I don’t have any excess cells floating around to call into action. We have been completely full all week … Read More


Years ago when I was first beginning my career here as a ” social director for the over-privileged”, an old Oklahoma oilman said to me.” Son, I love the holidays and all of the holiday lights, but the prettiest lights that I ever see during the holidays are the tail lights on the cars of my children and grandchildren as … Read More


As we enter the Thanksgiving season here at Riverview, we have so many blessings to be thankful for. I would be hesitant to thank God for all of them by name for fear of leaving one out. I am very grateful to see the sunshine after three days of rain which included 5+ inches of rain since Saturday evening. I … Read More

Cold Weather

I once heard someone say, “Don’t knock the weather. Without weather, most folks would have nothing to talk about at all”. In our part of the world, we would add football, pickup trucks, quail hunting, and dogs to that list. The weatherman said yesterday that parts of all 50 states were registering temperatures below freezing, and that included Hawaii. Then … Read More

An Early Fall in the South

I now know at least two segments of the economy that are pleased with the cold weather; the energy sector and the southern hunting plantations. Those old energy boys who are visiting us at the moment are grinning like a bunch of mules eating briars, and we are happier than dead pigs in the sunshine also. Now I do not … Read More

Fall Quail Hunting

Very rarely in south Georgia does the calendar arrival of fall and the actual arrival of fall occur simultaneously, but it certainly has this year! We are back in the hunting business, and could not ask for more perfect hunting conditions. We got a big rain of 3+ inches last week to aid in the scenting conditions for the dogs. … Read More

Senior Citizen Status

Well, today I officially enter the ranks of senior citizens although some of these fast food twerps have been trying to place me in that category for years. At least I know how to make change in my head, and I know that a half-dozen and six are the same number. That’s more than I can say for most of … Read More

Random Thoughts from a Mature Mind

Well, our weather man called for 3-6 inches of rain yesterday while we received just a shade less than one-tenth of an inch. These folks predict the weather about as good as I predict the stock market. In actuality, the light drizzle worked in our favor since we have just finished planting all of our winter rye grass on the … Read More


Fall officially arrives in south Georgia at 10:36 pm this evening, and, right on cue, Mother Nature is pushing us a cold front through here tonight. We should have very fall-like conditions here for the balance of the week. One thing is certain–we are flat ready for fall at Riverview. The woods are beautiful, and the dogs are playing themselves … Read More

Of Boy, Puppies and Shotguns

I’ve always believed that if a parent can teach his children to love the outdoors, that parent is leaving his children a legacy much more important than any monetary wealth he might leave them.Those children will always enjoy life, and be a lot less likely to get in trouble. One of the most interesting correlations that I ever read concerning … Read More