Oh, the Stories I Could Tell

People often say to me,”Cader, why don’t you write a book of your experiences at Riverview ¬†over the past 43 years”. My simple answer is that the statute of limitations has not quite run on many of them. To put it another way,I am counting on many of the folks who will be in my stories going to that great … Read More

Thanksgiving Family and Hunting

Since we are in the hunting business and our season only lasts six months, we can’t afford to close down for all of the holidays. We do shut down for a solid week around Christmas, but we have always stayed open for guests hunting here over the Thanksgiving holidays.Thanksgiving is also the holiday that usually finds all of my children … Read More

South Georgia Weather

As we say down here,”If you don’t like the weather,just stick around because it will change”. We had our first freeze and a killing frost last Wednesday,Nov.13th. When Martha and I went to visit with our grandchildren on Saturday afternoon of the same week, I wore shorts and a T-shirt because it was 79 degrees. It had been getting dry … Read More

Our First Freeze of the Hunting Season

This has been a spectacular fall in south Georgia. We opened our quail hunting season on Oct. 17th, and have not had the first unseasonably warm day yet. As a matter of fact, we hunted many days in January of last season that were warmer than any days we have hunted in this October and November of this season. The … Read More

Hunter’s Moon

Well, if you are part werewolf and part historian like me, you are certainly aware of the fact that we have just experienced a hunter’s moon.The native Americans took this full moon in October as a signal that it was time to start hunting and curing meat for the winter months. They didn’t have microwaves and grocery stores; so they … Read More

Fall Season

My favorite season of the year is fall. I think that southerners probably appreciate fall more than anyone.After living through repressive,heat,humidity,and bugs for so long,that first hint of cooler,drier air feels like the breath of God promising better times ahead.It was 51 degrees here this morning with almost no humidity in the air. Fall is also the time of the … Read More

Lodge Grounds Clean-Up

The crops are all harvested except for our late season milo that we plant behind our spring sweet corn crops.Most all of our hunting course preparation work is complete with the exception of woods road maintenance and mowing our jeep trails through the woods. While Ronnie was mowing jeep trails yesterday on the Yates place, he bumped into one of … Read More

Dog Running

Well,today is the day that all of the guides begin working their dogs and running them into playing shape.Hunting dogs are just like human athletes.Conditioning is almost as important as training. During the hot summer months,our hunting dogs mostly just lay around in the kennel barking and eating free meals. They remind me a lot of our politicians in Washington. … Read More

Fall is in the Air

In my last post, I mentioned that I could smell fall in the air. I couldn’t put my finger on it,but there is just a sixth sense that country folks get when one lives close to the land. Well, I can FEEL fall today!My old Lab,Sugar,feels it also. She is ¬†still pouting with me over the fact that I left … Read More


Yesterday evening around sunset, Martha and I were sitting outside watching the sun go down on our beautiful Flint River. I had my beloved Lab curled up at my feet,and was letting what little mind I have left just drift along. I had just detected the first scent of autumn in the air even though it is still hot in … Read More